Episode Two is Now Available!

Dystopia 2153 is an all-in-one resource that combines coding games and graphic novels. Recommended for middle school students or anyone interested in coding and graphic novels.

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Teaching With Dystopia 2153

  • Applying best practices to STE(AM) and literacy outcomes and curriculum guidelines
  • Inspiring the next generation of coders and storytellers
  • Integrating coding and literacy into one resource simultaneously
  • Encouraging problem solving skills, creative and abstract thinking
  • Versatile tool for engaging both struggling and high-level students
  • Classroom edition includes resources and solutions for teachers

The Series

Episode One - Available now
The year is 2153. In a world run by evil bots, it's dangerous to be human. Lance, Freya, and their friends are trapped in the Rathouse Orphanage. Will they escape or will villains Harry Mole and BASH catch them?

Episode Two - Available now
The search for their families moves into reality, but Harry and BASH are hot on the kids' trail.

Episode Three - Coming Soon
Will the kids be united with their families? Or will Harry continue to destroy the world? There is only one way to find out.


Rave Reviews

The artwork is exquisitely dark and beautiful. The coding lessons are well thought out and I appreciate all the opportunities to practice while levelling up.

Iain Brodie, Grade 7/8 Educator, Toronto, Canada

A dystopian future is common in graphic novels however, the execution is what makes this interesting and unique from most graphic novels.

Grade 7 Student, Toronto, Canada

Dystopia 2153 allows my struggling readers to shine with coding skills while challenging my high-level students. I cannot recommend it rough!"

Robin Kuhn, K-12 Educator, Iowa, USA

The drawings were really nice and the coding is the most creative thing about it.

Grade 7 Student, Toronto, Canada

Dystopia has been wholly conceived, developed and produced by TEACH Magazine, a national, educational publishing company based in Toronto, Canada that has been operating since 1993.

From its roots in traditional magazine publishing, TEACH has evolved into a digital media development company creating cutting edge digital resources for teachers and students everywhere.

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